Mike City & Dwele ‘Rock Wit U’ In New Lyric Video


Just because it's dance music doesn't mean it has to lack soul. It's something that Mike City and Dwele proved when they released their collaboration, "I Rock Wit U," late last month. The first release from Mike City's upcoming The Feel Good Movement is a dance floor burner sure to get your feet movin' and your body groovin' in no time. And, if you're anything like us, you'll probably want to sing along as you get your groove on. Not a problem, as Mike and Dwele have provided the lyrics to the song in the form of their new lyric video.

Rather than just have lyrics flash on a screen, though, the duo gives you a bit of entertainment as well. The fellas appear inside the silhouette of a shapely woman dancing to the track as they sing along to it. It's a nice enough concept and one that we hope gets expanded upon even further when the video for the song is made. Another nice touch are the handwritten lyrics to the track, which give the clip a very personal touch.

We're still waiting on release news for The Feel Good Movement, but until then, we'll have no problem singing along to this bumpin' track while we cut several rugs. You can, too, after you check out the lyric video below.

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