Patti LaBelle Serves Classic Dishes & Old School Shade On Her Cooking Channel Special


Singer, actress and living legend Patti LaBelle is no stranger to anyone’s kitchen. The GRAMMY-award winning domestic diva has always gushed about loving to cook and, most importantly, sharing her love of the culinary arts with others. Apparently someone over at The Cooking Channel got a taste of Ms. Patti’s greens and decided to give her a cooking special. And boy was it special!

On Patti LaBelle’s Place, our mama/grandmama/auntie in our head served crab cakes, her classic over the rainbow macaroni and branzino while dishing dirt, throwing shade and keeping it a little too real. Everyone from Whoopi Goldberg to Jill Scott got a taste of her sarcastic wit — and Jill wasn’t even a guest! Whoopi serves a little shade herself, acting as if she didn't know whether she liked Patti’s food or not, but knew better than to say anything sideways to Patti Patti.

In addition to teaching us how to throw down in the kitchen with some “bourgie fish” and how to properly portion out our crab cakes, we also learn that Patti is a woman of a certain age who can say and do as she pleases. But, as a performer with years of experience, awards and over-the-top performances, she takes it all to the next level. While we have yet to try out any of the recipes for ourselves, we couldn't get enough of all the cool shade and random rap references Ms. LaBelle had to dish out. Check out The Cooking Channel for more information on when her special will re-air and check out a Vine clip from the episode below.

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