Tamar Braxton Gets A Little ‘Mad’ On ‘Dancing With The Stars’


On last night's Dancing With the Stars, our girl Tamar Braxton is still a frontrunner after getting some much-needed criticism. Last week the judges complained about her barely there chemistry and lack of lust for her partner Valentin Chmerkovskiy so this week the duo decided to do something about it. Taking on the theme of '60s-inspired drama Mad Men for the show's television-theme week, Tamar and Val argued each other down to come up with the perfect opening scenario. It looks like the bickering paid off, however, as things got heated while they performed the tango to Mad Men theme song "A Beautiful Mine" by producer RJD2. You would think the lead and follow dance would be a challenge for the two clashing personalities, but Tamar and Val got it together, dancing in sync and with precision while embracing and keeping the temperature high.

Did we mention Tamar looked effortlessly gorgeous dipped in red sequins, while giving us face for days? Despite the judges wanting Tamar to get more lovey-dovey, the dancing team has been doing great the past three weeks, often placing well above the other couples. Meanwhile, Tamar is also at the top of her music game. The songstress has been dropping a trail of tracks for us to follow ahead of her Calling All Lovers release on October 2nd, last week releasing her latest single "Circles." We could say Tamar is doing the most right now, and she is, but we're still here for it. Watch her and DWTS partner Val do the tango right here and see if they survive to dance another week on the results show on ABC tonight.

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