The Internet Kill It With Their Show In Boston

Photo Credit: @jasminekenya_ / Instagram

Photo Credit: @jasminekenya_ / Instagram

The Internet turned up in the Bay State Monday night at The Sinclair in Cambridge. The band has gained international recognition and critical acclaim, especially since the release of their newest album Ego Death this past June. Their sound, ranging from the experimental, ambient feel of their first album Purple Naked Ladies to the instrumental, soul and R&B vibe of their newest work, has garnered them an insanely dedicated and exponentially increasing fan base.

Cambridge was one of the band's many stops along the East Coast before they head overseas to Europe to continue their Ego Death Tour. The turnout had the modestly sized Sinclair packed to the absolute brim before the opening acts even stepped on stage. Boston-born rapper Dutch Rebelle opened up the show with a flurry of dope bars and rhymes that had the previously still crowd up and ready to get down. St. Beauty came on next, a duo comprised of the vocal talents of Alex and the guitar skills of Isis. The two knocked their set out of the park and definitely developed a fan base in Boston judging by the trance they had the crowd in, especially when they did a beautiful and unique cover of Little Dragon’s “Twice.”

Once St. Beauty left the stage, the lights in The Sinclair went out before Kendrick Lamar’s “Alright” began to play. The choice was a smart one, considering “Alright” is our generation’s cultural anthem. The crowd instantly exploded with energy as everyone sang along to the infamous hook. By the time The Internet came on, the excitement in the venue was palpable. Matt Martians, Jameel Bruner and Patrick Paige came jumping on stage, mirroring the crowd on the floor. Syd Tha Kyd casually strolled on last with a vibrant green mohawk, inciting a collective high pitched scream from the women in the audience.

They opened with the bass heavy “Get Away,” which has an undeniable bounce that sounded even better in person. The band played tracks from all three of their albums, which was a move greatly appreciated by long-time fans. Because the show was a part of their Ego Death Tour, a lot of material was drawn from the Ego Death album with a focus on their big hits like “Girl” and “Go With It.” The integrity of the music was top notch and the acoustics in The Sinclair did the audio justice.

The Internet’s stage presence was dope; they were all engaged with the audience, especially Syd who had girls falling over themselves trying to touch her hand. Both Jameel and Patrick killed their solos, showing off their immense talent and musicianship. There aren’t too many shows where the vibe in the venue is strictly feel good and musically appreciative. This show was one of those times. The crowd was full of dancing, dedicated fans, singing along verbatim to every song played that night. The Internet played for over an hour before bowing offstage, leaving fans fully satisfied with their experience. Hopefully they grace Boston with their presence again sometime soon. Their show was way too dope to only happen once in Massachusetts.

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