Jeezy Celebrates ‘Life’ With Janelle Monáe


Jeezy is taking out some time to say thank you as he prepares for the release of his forthcoming Church In These Streets album. The “Soul Survivor” rapper is using his new single “Sweet Life” to recognize his many blessings and feats with the help of our girl and fellow Atlanta resident Janelle Monáe on the hook.

Jeezy is acknowledging his faults and the many times that he has had his back against the wall, but more importantly he’s spitting bars about his growth and how he fought to rise above. He even goes on to add a special note to his haters and thanks them for helping him reach his goals. As for Ms. Monáe’s participation here, it’s quite odd to hear her play the background when we’re so used to her in control. But needless to say, she does a great job in assisting Jeezy on this extended BET Awards thank you speech.

Jeezy’s Church In These Streets is set to hit the streets, stores and the Internet on November 3rd.

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