Kwabs Confronts Himself On ‘Cheated On Me’


Adele isn’t the only British soul singer regretting the mistakes of a past relationship. SoulBounce fave Kwabs, who recently released his debut album Love + War this September, is also baring his soul for anyone willing to listen on his  latest single, “Cheated On Me.” However, instead of getting his Keith Sweat on begging for forgiveness -- you know, your standard R&B player heartthrob move, destined to repeat the mistakes of the past -- Kwabs is also confronting himself.

Kwabs’ personal conflict is brought to life in, per usual, a simple but engaging video. In the visual for “Cheated On Me,” Kwabs stares at his own reflection in the mirror, pretty much facing his own bulls**t. At first, Kwabs can’t even look at himself. But slowly, he begins stripping away all of his pretenses and truly engaging in some personal soul searching while his reflection makes its own moves. It’s a simple, but brilliant concept executed rather well. And truly, that’s all anyone can ask for.

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