Angie Fisher Shows Off On ‘Hide And Seek’ & ‘Summertime’

Angie-Fisher-In-Blue-Dress Angie Fisher crept up on us in 2014 and grabbed a GRAMMY nomination for her B.Slade-penned single “I.R.S,” and while we still haven’t heard her debut album yet, we’re glad to hear that she has some new music for us to dig into. Fisher has dropped off her new single “Hide and Seek,” along with a special a cappella cover of jazz standard “Summertime.”

On “Hide and Seek,” Fisher is fed up with searching for the one. She’s calling out to him and singing, “I’ve spent all my life looking and searching, honey / Where could you be?” Much like “I.R.S,” this soulful number is one that many of us can relate to. It also sounds like Angie has found her lane and she is slowly and steadily driving down her own path. Her vocals are crisp and clean, and a little reserved in comparison to the song that garnered her a GRAMMY nomination and the opportunity to perform on the pre-telecast.

As for “Summertime,” we find our girl really showcasing her vocal versatility as she quickly tackles a classic song. While this vocal take is just shy of two minutes, Fisher manages to remind you of what she is capable of and it’s quite impressive. But don’t take our word for it, download “Hide and Seek” and “Summertime” off iTunes and see what Angie Fisher has to offer for yourself.

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