Devin Tracy Brings Us A ‘Goodafternoon’


Devin Tracy has spent much of 2015 preparing us for the follow-up to his 2014 Goodmorning EP, and now he’s finally back with just what we have been waiting for. Having given us mashup singles “Make It Up” and “What You Won’t Do For Love,” Tracy is now unleashing Goodafternoon just before the year wraps up. Where Goodmorning was dark and daring, Goodafternoon finds our boy digging back into the essence of hip hop soul as he blends a few familiar songs over top of a set of familiar beats from the likes of Pete Rock and Sango.

While you may hear a hint of a Ginuwine song here, an Aaliyah song there, a borrowed Kendrick Lamar verse and even two whole servings of Mary J. Blige and Bobby Caldwell, Devin does a commendable job of matching his own lyrical prowess with that of his musical influences and inspirations. The seamless blends and mashups that he is serving would be impossible if what he had to offer was subpar, and he proves that on tracks like “Without Me X Without You” and “You’re Not Here.” This young soul star is consistently growing, showing and proving just how multifaceted he is as an artist.

Devin Tracy’s Goodafternoon is now available for your streaming and free downloading pleasures via SoundCloud. We’re certain that you “need it” and you will “love it,” as he sings on “How It Works."

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