Dornik Delivers A ‘Strong’ Visual


Quiet as it's kept, British sensation Dornik put out one of the best R&B albums of 2015. His progressive take on R&B on the self-titled set is quite refreshing, with his influences — like his affinity for Michael Jackson — unapologetically on full display. One of the other obvious influences on the set is an '80s R&B aesthetic that is most obvious on songs like the album's latest release, "Strong." And with the recently released video for the song, he doubles down on the '80s feel.

The video's cast (and budget) are obviously small, with just Dornik himself and a dancer gracing the screen. However, they more than make up for it with a colorful feast for the eyes. A multitude of colorful flashes occur synced to the song's frenetic rhythm are projected on a screen as Dornik sings. With the low lighting used, it causes a silhouetted effect (think the old school iPod commercials) for some shots and visually appealing juxtaposition in others. The dancer moving her butt off to the synth-filled groove is more than enough to make you want to do the same. Before the clip finishes, a few strokes of Day-Glo paint and a black light makes things a bit iridescent and even more visually interesting.

Take a peek at the simple, yet effective clip below. If you haven't copped it already, Dornik is available in stores now.



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