Puff Daddy & The Family Get To ‘Workin” In New Video


Sean Combs, man of many monikers, has been known for his tireless work ethic for years, and he shows no signs of slowing down. Last week, on his 46th birthday, the mogul who appears to have reverted to his Puff Daddy nickname, dropped his surprise free release MMM that some are saying is a return to form. And with the release barely being out a week, Puffy has just released the tape's first video, which is for the get-the-job-done anthem "Workin'."

Rather than go with his usual flash, flair and pizzazz, Puff gets gritty for the three-minute clip. In a room dimly lit by colored lights, he stands with his crew as he details the rules of his hustle. Rule No. 1: Never stop putting in work. The testosterone in the room is thick as he and his crew clap it up to Puff's affirmations of the grind. But just in case you're missing feminine energy, he features a pretty young nubile thing who pop, locks, drops and twerks like the rent's due.

You can see the fruits of just how much Puff's been working when you check out the clip below. If you haven't picked up MMM yet, you can grab a free download of the mixtape from Dat Piff.

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