Rudimental & Ed Sheeran Offer An Abstract View Of The World In ‘Lay It All On Me’

British electronic quartet Rudimental has teamed back up with their “Bloodstream” collaborator Ed Sheeran to deliver an inspirational, feel-good song, "Lay It All On Me." While the song is universal in scope, it is also an introspective piece and provides a snapshot into the lives of the band members. It is the first time that Piers Agget, Amir Amor, Kesi Dryden and DJ Locksmith have actually appeared in one of their videos.

The visual for “Lay It All On Me” is a personal clip that details the journey of Rudimental's members while sharing an abstract message about life and the world. The hazy, black-and-white clip begins with each of the band members standing with a group of miniature versions of themselves. The camera then pans around to various set boxes that play out individual scenes. Lyrics from the song, along with words such as "life," "struggle," "frustration" and "peace," appear against visuals of ballerinas, soldiers and nuclear explosions. The video ends by showcasing the things that make us strong, such as brotherhood, love and expression, ultimately delivering the message of finding hope in darkness.

The video tells a disjointed story, but in a good way. It is an abstract way of looking at the problems and solutions of the world and how most of us view these issues from our own windows as fragments, parts of a greater whole. While some of the messages require repeat viewings to truly uncover, it’s a fantastic clip that complements the song perfectly.

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