The SoulBounce Q&A: St. Beauty Speak On Their Origins, Inspirations & What They’re ‘Talmbout’


SoulBounce: How did the two of you meet up? How did St. Beauty form?

Isis Valentino: We were working at a vintage store in College Park, Atlanta and they started holding showcases in their basement bar area and Alex wanted to to perform. She asked me if she knew anyone who could play guitar for a song she'd written that she wanted to perform. I offered to learn the song and perform with her. That performance had a really great response, and later after we started having really productive rehearsals and noticed we worked together really well. We both decided that we should become a band.

SB: I love the name St.Beauty! It's simple, but it describes the both of you and your music perfectly. How did you guys come up with it?

Alex Belle: The name St. Beauty came from Isis listening to "Bird of Beauty" by Stevie Wonder and writing a song called "St. Beauty." When it was time to figure a name to call us, we thought it was fitting

SB: I know this is a broad question, but where do the two of you draw some of your musical inspiration from?

IV: Its hard to say specifically where we draw our musical inspiration. We hear SO MUCH music. I'm attracted to a great melody, memorable bass lines and songs that make me feel something by the end of the song.

AB: I agree with Isis. There are so many songs and albums that I've pulled inspiration from. But I'd say growing up I drew the most inspiration from Kid Cudi because his lyrics are honest and bold and his melodies are always on point. I also love Santigold. Her music is fun and her lyrics really get your mind going.

SB: What artists do you guys find yourselves listening to right now?

IV: Our music, The Internet, Tame Impala, Alabama Shakes and Thundercat.

AB: Little Dragon, Lion BabeFuture, Kali Uchis, Amy Winehouse, Chance the Rapper, Sonnymoon, Kid Cudi, The Internet and Alabama Shakes.

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