The SoulBounce Q&A: St. Beauty Speak On Their Origins, Inspirations & What They’re ‘Talmbout’


SB: How has tour life been?

AB: Tour was a lot of fun. We learned a lot. We made sure we enjoyed each city. The best parts are feeling the different air and seeing the different cultures in each city; every city has their "thing."

SB: How was touring with the Wondaland crew and The Internet?

IV: Touring with Janelle, Deep Cotton, Jidenna and everyone was really fun. Doing the rallies before each show put things into perspective and it was a great feeling to do it with our musical family.

AB: The Internet tour was very exciting, we were on our own, and it was a good challenge. No one knew who we were, so we made it a point to make sure they knew who we were by the end of our performance and the crowds were very receptive. They showed a lot of love and so did The Internet crew; they were very welcoming.

SB: Your performance on "Hell You Talmbout" was awe inspiring and is an ode to our frustration with injustice. What's your stance on the current state of affairs in our society?

IV & AB: The fact that we are still looking for justice in 2015 shows us we have a long way to go as humans. Showing more compassion and respect for the next person is key.

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