Diggs Duke Sends Out A ‘Warning’ For The ‘Civil Circus’


Diggs Duke couldn’t stay away too long. Other than giving us a few new tracks back in June, he’s been rather quiet for much of this year. Well fret not, our boy is jumping back into the musical loop and offering us something substantial with his brand new Civil Circus album. With the help of a few talented friends, Diggs has dug into his bag and pulled out a batch of tracks that will blow your mind.

Just in case you need a proper introduction to what Duke is serving up with Civil Circus, “Warming Warning” offers you an opportunity to hear just what is on the menu. As much of the rest of the album, this funky number blends live instrumentation, powerful harmonies and chants to present the heart of the man behind this music. Duke always finds a way to blend jazz, funk, soul and hip hop in a way that's impossible to imitate, and please believe that he hasn’t strayed away from that formula here. The presence of Stevie Wonder’s influence is also very heavy here. “Don’t you change a thing,” he sings beautifully, with the help of Jada Irwin, and that’s exactly what we’re begging of him after listening to this album. Please, don’t change a thing.

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