SoulBounce Exclusive: Nicholas Ryan Gant & Kriswontwo Give Us Their ‘Everything’


With us getting over our Christmas hangover while we work through the principles of Kwanzaa and make plans for New Year's Eve, it's easy to forget that today's another day we should be celebrating. Why you ask? Because today is Nicholas Ryan Gant's birthday! The soulful indie crooner is one of our favorite people here at SBHQ and we want to show him love on his special day. What's more, the singer is showing us love as well with the release of his new single "Everything," from his upcoming MAZE EP, and we're happy to be the first to bring this one to the masses.

Over a knocking beat infused with joyous, space-age synths, our boy NRG waxes romantic as he describes a love that gives him all he wants and needs. When asked about the inspiration behind the song, Nicholas told us, "I was thinking about love and the definition of love. I just started researching what pure and honest love is, and the first thing that came to me was God. That’s like the purest form of love to me, you know? Then I thought about what I would want in a relationship and I thought about the scripture, 1 Corinthians 13:4-7 — “Love is patient, love is kind…" — and if you listen to the lyrics, I basically recited that scripture, but in a Nicholas Ryan Gant sort of way." 

We definitely feel the love in the lyrics. His wistful, buttery vocal, meanwhile, gives the listener everything they could dream of for modern age R&B/soul. He delivers sumptuous croons, flawless falsetto and background vocals that are velvety smooth and lush. "Everything" like the rest of MAZE, is a collaboration between Nicholas and Danish producer Kriswontwo. And if you've heard Kris's amazing LP CEREMONI, then you know that he and Nicholas work oh so well together. Nicholas even goes as far as saying that their musical chemistry is "super magical," so expectations are without a doubt high for the project and we're very sure they'll be met.

So, what can we expect from the magical twosome in 2016? Much more if the singer has his way. "We have the full project and we shot a video for 'Everything,'" Nicholas says. "I guess I don’t wanna give away everything, but we’ll be dropping the video probably alongside the project. We’re trying to put together a mini-tour over there and a mini-tour over here. If you want me to come to your city, please reach out, because I really want that to happen. That’s the plan in my mind, that’s my prayer. I’m not 100% solid on that, but that’s what I want to happen."

While we definitely want all that and more, we'll settle for "Everything" right now, which you can hear right here (and then head here to grab a free download). By the way, if you want to start your year off by catching NRG doing what he does best, be sure to see him supporting the incomparable Sy Smith at NYC's Blue Note on New Year's Eve and then taking the stage with the one-and-only Yahzarah at D.C.'s Blues Alley on January 2nd.

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