Will B.Slade’s Remake Be ‘Alright’ With You?


This year was a great year to be a Janet Jackson fan, what with the grand return of the musical powerhouse via her comeback album of the year Unbreakable. One of Miss Jackson's biggest fans is none other than musical force B.Slade. The musical virtuoso covered Janet's hit "Alright" (dubbing his take "#Alright2016") earlier this year, and now he brings us a video to go with it.

Where Janet's original was all love and sunshine, B.Slade's version is all sly cool and charm, with a funky bass line and cowbell replacing all of the horns and fanfare of the Jimmy Jam & Terry Lewis production. The video captures the B.'s vibe quite nicely. The first minute of the black-and-white clip finds him on a leather couch sipping a Corona while he sings the familiar lyrics. It's not until the second verse that he gets up and looks into the camera, giving the audience a come hither stare as he adds a sensuality to the affair just before things get full-on goofy. He cuts through all that cool with the corniest of dances while still somehow remaining suave in the process. He has to tell us how he does it.

If we're being honest, B.Slade's version of "Alright," while good, doesn't hit us the same way that Janet's classic jam does. Still, it is a nice alternative take that we can see ourselves giving a spin a time or two. Check out the video for "#Alright2016" right here and let us know what you think.

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