Jody Watley Comes To Slay In Her ‘Dancer’ Visuals


Jody Watley is pushing her Dancer Remixed maxi-single with a concept video that is all about the dance, hunty! The Soul Train alumna and '80s/'90s dance diva, returns to the solo scene with a visual for "Dancer (Cut Correct and Rhe'mix)," and she's "calling all dancers" to join her.

Ms. Watley rolls up with her squad in shiny black vehicles and proceeds to waack, vogue and stylishly pose her way through dance sequences while young dancers spring to life to her song. Jody gives good face and shows us that she still has it, never looking out of place in the video directed and choreographed by Rosero McCoy, who is coincidentally a member of the reloaded edition of Shalamar, who we last saw in their "Slow Dance" music video. There's no slow dancing happening here, however. While the dancers surrounding Watley get their lives, she never breaks a sweat in true diva fashion and looks unbothered as she fans herself with a stack of cash.

The lyrics are sparse yet filled with attitude and memorable lines like, “Hundred dollar bills / Even rock this joint in heels,” that will have house heads screaming “Yasss!” as the dancers flip, dip, drop and work. The hidden gem of the video is a female dancer with long black hair wearing black-and-white striped pants who will bring to mind Cheryl Song, better known as the legendary "Asian woman with the long hair" on Soul Train. Ms. Watley ends the video with a hat tip to her Shalamar roots by exclaiming "This is for the dancer in you," a reference to one of the group's biggest hits, “This is For the Lover in You,” before driving off into the night with her new Shalamar crew. Well played, Jody.

If you happened to miss "Dancer" when it originally dropped on Jody Watley's Paradise EP in 2014 or haven't scooped up the Dancer Remixed collection yet, then sashay on over to Amazon or iTunes to pick it up after you check the video right here.

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