R I L E Y Is All About Their Paper In ‘PoundFRANK’


We first got a taste of R&B trio R I L E Y back in November with their debut single "PoundFRANK." The ratchet R&B banger found the trio, consisting of Teddy Riley's daughters DejaTaja and Bobby Riley, flexing their vocals and they made it known that they take their scrilla very, very seriously. Now, the ladies bring us the song's creative visuals.

The clip starts in the desert as a crew of masked men approach a small house. But just when we think we know what's going on, the ladies appear on the horizon. Wearing the finest of couture, the sisters stroll along a barren road throwing benjis in the air. It seems like a battle might be in the air between R I L E Y and the gang, but that notion is soon laid to rest when it becomes obvious the skeleton crew ain't got nothing on the fierce, bold ladies who strut, pop, drop and pose their asses off in the arid climate like seasoned professionals. The only thing that would've turned this up a few more notches is if guest rapper 2 Chainz had actually been available for the video shoot to put a little extra life into his verse.

"PoundFRANK" is just the appetizer to the main course that is the ladies upcoming EP, BERMUDA, which is set to release later this year.

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