Raheem DeVaughn & Phil Ade Give Us Another Scoop Of ‘Black Ice Cream’


What do you get when you mix a classic hip hop track with a smooth soul singer and a few scoops of something sweet? Raheem DeVaughn's "Black Ice Cream Remix" with an assist from Raekwon's "Ice Cream," that's what. The Love King decided to take Rae's classic and use it as a bed to refix his own track "Black Ice Cream," from his album Love Sex Passion. For this new concoction, he enlists the help of fellow DMV native Phil Ade to keep the rap element alive and well for his spin on Raekwon's track. Instead of cooing about melting his love all over his significant other, Raheem is giving the single a little more edge by singing, "You be the scoop, I be the cone / You be the queen, I be the throne / You be the ride, I be the saddle babe / You be the spoon, I be the stir you crazy." Phil Ade drops a few bars in the mix, which works perfectly over the RZA-produced track.

If you're interested in more of what Raheem is serving, head on over to his SoundCloud where you'll find more of his musical delicacies. While you wait for a helping of something new, feel free to indulge in Raheem's "Black Ice Cream Remix" and see if it makes you want to come back for seconds.

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