Jade Novah Spreads Her Wings On ‘Bird Song (Unafraid)’


After most recently knocking us off of our feet with her stunning cover of Adele's "Hello," Jade Novah returns with something original that has us equally in a daze. On “Bird Song (Unafraid),” Novah delivers pitch perfect vocals over perfectly layered production. The song starts off with Jade speaking as birds chirp and a piano plays before segueing ethereally into a demonstration of her insane vocal range. Produced by her husband Devin Johnson, Jade released this song for Martin Luther King, Jr. Day and it's just as timely this Black History Month. "Bird Song (Unafraid)" encourages us to spread our wings and fly; to soar freely and majestically above our problems, our worries and realize our greatness. It's a very uplifting song and one perfectly aligned with the message of freedom that Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. spread throughout his entire life.

Jade Novah is preparing for the release of her independent album In Search of Me. There is no set drop date yet, so her loyal army of #NOVAHCANES will have to be content with “Bird Song” for the time being. If this song is a small piece of what’s to come, the album will certainly be worth the wait.

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