Keri Lewis Thinks The World Needs A Little More ‘LOVE’


Keri Lewis is giving this music thing another go with the release of his latest single "LOVE." No, he hasn't reunited with his former group Mint Condition nor is he crafting more hits for his ex-wife Toni Braxton, but he's going it solo. His debut single features Lewis singing about his favorite subject — love — which is great timing considering that Valentine's Day is drawing near. The three-minute track features beautiful piano-led instrumentals and Keri's smooth vocals as he sings, "Can you imagine a world with no killing? / See if you can imagine, then I'd hope to fix it / We just seem to disagree on all the above / Then there's one thing we should be sure of / This world needs more love." With harmonies aplenty on the chorus, Keri delivers his message for peace and positivity.

While we agree the world needs more love, the jury is still out on whether we need more Keri. The talented producer, songwriter, composer and musician may have a little to catch up on considering he's been out of the musical spotlight for a while. Although the single could never touch hits like "Breakin' My Heart (Pretty Brown Eyes)," "You Send Me Swingin'" and "If You Love Me," we're curious to see what else Keri has planned for his return. Listen to "LOVE" right here and determine for yourself if Keri still has it.

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