Ledisi Takes Us Back With Her ‘Nostalgia Movement No. 1’


Ledisi is without a doubt a phone book singer — meaning that we'd just sit and listen to the vocal dynamo sing every entry in the phone book from A to Z. So when the singer offers up new music (the first since 2014's The Truth and last year's acoustic EP The Intimate Truth) we're definitely all ears. And when that music is some of her (and our) favorite R&B classics of yesteryear? Well, we don't ask questions and just simply thank our lucky stars. We did just that when the GRAMMY nominee (who has surprisingly never taken home a trophy) surprised us yesterday with a trio of covers to tide us over until her next project, dubbing the collection Nostalgia Movement No. 1. Featuring covers of material from Patrice RushenThe Isley Brothers and the late Natalie Cole, it's definitely a collection that fans of Ledisi — and R&B lovers in general — will appreciate.

She kicks things off with a cover a Patrice's "Settle For My Love," which opens with a brief bit of dialogue from Rushen herself. We then hear the familiar notes of the song as Ledisi and duet partner Brittany B breathe new life into their take of the oft-covered song, making it sound almost as timeless as the original. She then moves on to a cover of The Isley Brothers' "Once Had Your Lovin' (I Can't Let Go)." It's an interesting choice, as it's not one of their best known numbers. That doesn't matter, though, as Ledisi pays it proper tribute. As the strains of guitar and soft percussion surround her voice, she coos and ahhs as she sings of missing the love she once had. She saves Natalie Cole's signature "Love On My Mind" for last, and rightfully so. Natalie's take was both sensual and inviting, and Ledisi stays true to that. Rather than power through it like most modern day singers would, she matches the sly seduction of the verses and appropriately rises to the occasion when the piano-driven ballad calls for it.

While another new album from Ledisi would be just what the doctor ordered, this three-song collection will definitely scratch our itch for now. If you're going through a bit of Led withdrawal yourself, get some relief when you stream Nostalgia Movement No. 1 below.

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