10 Reasons Why Black History Month 2016 Was The Blackest Black History Month In Black History


February 15th: Kendrick Lamar stuns the GRAMMY Awards

Perhaps one of the blackest blackety black moments we witnessed this February was the the much anticipated performance by one Kendrick Lamar at the 58th GRAMMY Awards. As if he was ready to lead the Back To Africa movement himself, Kendrick had us in the palm of his hands with his performance at the GRAMMYs. The TDE rapper came out decked in the finest prison attire with chains and broke out in the most unbelievable and unforgettable performance of the night. As K.Dot performed "The Blacker the Berry," "Alright" and a fiery verse from an untitled track, he lit the stage with enough black angst to transport us back to our roots. Sure, the bonfire and African dancers helped, but the image that will forever stay in our minds is the lasting image of an Africa outline with "Compton" written inside of it.

Kendrick set the typically blah awards show ablaze with his political and socially-conscious performance, urging the entire audience to pay attention not only to his theatrics but his message. Lamar made it clear we would no longer be held in chains and we should be proud of our blackness and our roots. After being nominated for 11 awards, Kendrick left weighed down by a different type of metal -- winning five well-deserved GRAMMY statues and the honor of making this one of the blackest (read: onyx) Black History Months ever. -- Mercy

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