Explore BeMyFiasco’s Many ‘Layers’


After a three-year break between projects, Bianca “BeMyFiasco” Rodriguez has been easing her way back into music. First with her Mary J. Blige-sampling single “Secret Love Affair” at the end of 2015 and now with the release of her second EP Layers, the singer/songwriter is showing that she's here to stay.

The Dallas native opens with “The Idea Of Love (Possibilities)," beginning with a relatively lengthy (1:07, but worth it) piano interlude leading into her wondering and hoping that she and her lover aren’t moving too fast in their relationship. The vocal runs that follow and end the track are nothing short of her usual beautiful. Up next is “Monday Morning Blues” where over synth, keys and programmed drums, BeMyFiasco wants her lover to call in "slick" to work for the day, making it known she’ll make it more than worth his time.

"Monday Morning Blues" segues sensually into “Work on You” with the promise of putting in even more work -- in the bedroom and not the boardroom. With these two songs, BeMyFiasco channels her inner Jill Scott with clever lyrics and soulful vocals, but she is entirely her own artist.

Another slow-burning bedroom groove, “Devil’s Advocate,” follows. A ticking clock, percussion and scratches form the soundbed for BeMyFiasco’s vocals as she lets her secret lover who she just worked out know that no one will love him better. “Lovers Gold” closes the set on a downbeat. She laments over this lover of hers who belongs to another. They may feel right together, but what they're doing is wrong and she hasn't found "Lovers Gold" after all.

Layers paints a vivid picture of love, lust, passion and, ultimately, heartbreak. After peeling through every layer of this EP, here’s to hoping Bianca “BeMyFiasco” Rodriguez won't go on another three-year hiatus and will deliver more engrossing projects such as this.

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