Nakala Has Us In Our Feelings & On The Dance Floor With .disfunk & ayo.’s Remix To ‘I Know’


Up-and-coming, blue-eyed soul singer Nakala might have a beast on her hands with her latest loosie, “I Know,” a fantastic track compose of some good, old fashioned R&B full of butterflies and sweet nothings. Adding insult to injury, the singer has just released a packages of remixes by .disfnk and ayo. and Bao that has us in our feelings and on the dance floor at the same damn time.

The original version of “I Know” is a sweet modern woman lullaby, where the singer is talking to her former significant other in hopes of rekindling their flame. Nakala sweetly coos, “You used to like R&B / Do you still listen to me? / And could I come back for you, baby?” The official remix by .disfnk and ayo. turns the dreamy duck sick ballad into a mid-tempo party starter to help you take off your blues. Taking the original soundbed, the producers give the track a little umph with some bass guitar, a little funk and some electronic flourishes. .disfnk and ayo. have extended the shelf life of this song, which will surely be giving us life on the dance floor and house parties this spring and summer.

“I Know” is the kind of ‘90s-leaning R&B music we like to hear here. The original is classic R&B at its best, and the .disfnk and ayo. remix borrows from the same, give us two intoxicating throwback treats in addition to Bao's future soul refix. We can’t wait to learn more from this emerging artist but in the meantime we know what we'll be listening to til then. Spin the original track and both remixes right here.

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