Tink Is Ready To Take It ‘Home’


We're still waiting on #ThinkTink — and at this point we're starting to lose hope that it will actually see the light of day — but that hasn't stopped up-and-coming phenom Tink from dropping new music at a fairly consistent pace. It's been less than a week since we heard her "Circle The Block" with a hard-hitting Timbaland track, but now she's showing off a softer, more vulnerable side with new track "Home."

"Home" finds Tink thinking over the revolving door dating life and instead hoping to find someone that she can settle down and build with. "I ain't got no time to beat around it / Baby, I need someone to settle down with," she begins softly before nearly growling, "I've been single for way too long," on the hook. Underscoring her yearning for the real thing is soft, simple production provided by production duo Dr3amforever. The main melody here is provided by xylophone tones and a buzzy synth bass line, with synths and hi-hats providing the rest of the flourishes. And the singer and rapper goes full-on R&B for this one (nope, there's not a hot 16 anywhere in sight), it still shows off the versatility and ease with which she can switch between singing and rapping, making each one feel like, well, home for her.

We can only hope that the recent leaks mean than that something will be coming from Tink's camp sooner rather than later. While we await more news, at least we have "Home" to listen to. Give the track a spin and let us know if it has you thinking Tink once again.

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