Trina Broussard Lets Go Of Love In ‘Adieu’

Photo Credit: Sean Cokes/Heratio Valentino

Photo Credit: Sean Cokes/Heratio Valentino

It’s high time we’ve heard something new from one of the industry’s best-kept secrets Trina Broussard. Whether you’ve been reminiscing to her hit 1997 cover of Minnie Riperton’s “Inside My Love,” keeping 2004’s Same Girl in rotation or attending Rahsaan Patterson concerts for your fix of Trina Broussard’s supporting vocals, we’ve still been waiting for the official return of the independent soul singer once signed to Jermaine Dupri’s So So Def label.

Soul music lovers are excited to now hear “Adieu,” the first single from Broussard in what seems like an eternity. Mid-tempo, rich with harmony and featuring a flawless vocal performance over executive production from the Atlanta-based conglomerate R&B Moguls, Ms. Broussard sounds more assured as she bids a relationship goodbye and confirms with her new music that this track has definitely been worth the wait.

In a statement about the release of “Adieu,” Broussard mentioned what might have taken so long for us to hear from her again. “I never left. I have continued to say connected to music,” said the singer/songwriter who has also provided background vocals for R&B/pop music icons like Beyoncé and Jennifer Lopez in the past. “As far as recording another album…TIMING! This is definitely the continuation of my personal and musical metamorphic journey. I believe that the appointed time is the right time.”

Despite no official word on the completion of her next album or what else might be coming down the pipeline, the right time is indeed now to check out Trina Broussard’s “Adieu” and hear what so many have been missing.

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