Tweet Turns Regret Into Something Beautiful In ‘Neva Shouda Left Ya’


Tweet's latest album Charlene is still getting constant burn around these parts after its release at the end of February. And while we are definitely enjoying the music, we're also loving the many videos that the reemerging singer/songwriter has given us in support of the project. She started it off right with an emotional clip for "Won't Hurt Me" last year, and she continued to make us fall in love with a visual for "Magic" at the end of January. Now, she's giving it to us again with the official video for "Neva Shouda Left Ya."

The song, of course, is all about the regret one feels when they realized that they might've let go of a really good thing. The video also picks up on that vibe, featuring Tweet as she's going through her day and getting ready for a show. We peep her getting fly at the beauty salon first, though her hair is already laid for the gods. We also peep that her handsome (and apparently famous) ex is on the TV doing big things. Our girl Tweet takes it in stride, though, and moves on to the salon to finish up her beautification process and get her nails did. But, wouldn't you know it, here goes her friend pointing out that her ex boo thang is on the cover of a magazine. Hell, she can't even get her shop on without seeing the man's chiseled torso on a poster. But the show must go on, and so it does as Tweet looks beautiful while rocking a show and glittering from head to toe. And yet there her ex is again, but this time in the flesh! Rather than shrink away, she faces him face-t0-face as she sings of her mistake.

No, there's no fairytale ending of Tweet getting the guy here, but there's something beautiful in seeing someone own their mistakes gracefully (and looking flawless while doing it). Check out the video below and, if you haven't already, but sure to pick up Charlene at your retailer of choice.



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