AlunaGeorge Wants That Old Thing Back In ‘I Remember’


AlunaGeorge are getting ready to drop their sophomore album, I Remember, before April ends, but they're not keeping folks from waiting any longer for the second single, which just so happens to be the project's title cut. After switching things up a smidgen with the island vibes of lead single "I'm In Control," Aluna Francis and George Reid decide to go back to their electro R&B basics on "I Remember." With an assist from Aussie producer Flume, this song is anything but basic as Francis reminisces about an old flame over icy synths, programmed drums and glitchy vocals throughout.

Aluna longs for that passion and pleasure again, but she instead has to fall back on her memories that leave her restless. We see her going through the motions in her apartment in the hidden camera style music video. With the camera fixed in one position, she paces back and forth, flops on the bed, lounges on a chair, lays on the floor and still can't find her happy place. When her man comes into the picture, however, she perks up and the lovebirds hug, kiss, Netflix and chill and do what lovers do. He pops in and out of the scene and their movements change frequently to match the pace of the track. It's not until the end of the video when we see Aluna wake up alone and clutch the comforter that we realize it was all a dream.

If you're missing someone heavy, "I Remember" may just get you wading in your feelings and backstroking through your memories. Instead of thinking back, though, choose to look forward to AlunaGeorge's I Remember, which hits stores on Friday, April 29th.

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