Fantasia Muses On Revenge & Regret On ‘So Blue’

Photo Credit: Everyday Lavan

Photo Credit: Everyday Lavan

With her tour with Anthony Hamilton now underway and the release of singles "No Time For It" and "Ugly," to say that we're highly anticipating Fantasia's upcoming album would be an understatement. While "No Time For It" gave us the sassy, defiant R&B we'd come to expect from the singer and "Ugly" showed us an unexpected country side of her, "So Blue" gives us a  slice of soul that we all can relate to.

"So Blue" finds Fantasia telling the story of revenge and regret. You see, her man's caught her creepin' and has decided to bounce, leaving the singer feeling a bit down and out. But wait, the plot thickens. You see, Fanny's tryst was in retaliation to her discovering that her man was actually stepping out (though he doesn't actually know that she knows). Can you say scandal? Supporting all that drama is a bass line, knockin' drums and strings that add to the song's dramatic flair without overshadowing it. As well, Fantasia's vocal performance sells the song quite well, as she makes us feel her anger and pain in both the verses and the song's spoken outro. And just when we think it's over and done, she allows a bluesy guitar to take us home over the instrumental and give us just a little bit more life.

"So Blue" will be included on Fantasia's The Definition Of..., which is set to arrive in stores on June 10th. You can pre-order the album (and get instant downloads of the set's three singles) on iTunes now, but first, stream "So Blue" below.

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