Jesse Boykins III Talks New Music, Food & Wine With ‘I Like This Grape’


In the midst of recording his upcoming album Bartholomew, Bounce-Worthy alum Jesse Boykins III took a break to talk music and wine with the I Like This Grape team in Los Angeles. The singer opened up about his latest project for their #VINO4 interview series, discussing his favorite food and music pairing and his first time drinking the Jesus juice. About the new album, he says it's simply about the truth and not what people will expect. JBIII is enjoying the freedom in his new West Coast digs and doing what makes him feel good, which we're likely to hear evidence of on Bartholomew.

When it comes to more things that make him feel good, Jamaican food is his choice, paired with classics from Jimmy Cliff and Bob Marley. When it comes to adult beverages, however, Jesse doesn't really drink. He had his first sip of rum at age six, then didn't drink again until age 21. Boykins recently indulged in red wine for the first time in Berlin this summer, and it made him quite the chatterbox.

While he's dropping stories about fine wines, Jesse also recently dropped a preview of his upcoming album with the single "Losing You." Since his move out west, Jesse has been collaborating with more artists, which explains why we'll hear the likes of Cali cool kids Syd Tha Kyd and Willow Smith on Bartholomew. While we wait for more tracks from the king of schwaza, you can hear more about his upcoming album from the artist himself. Press play to catch Jesse on #VINO4 and learn more about his soulful food, wine and musical palette.

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