M.I.A. Wants You To ‘Rewear’ Your Clothes For H&M World Recycle Week Campaign


British-bred artist M.I.A. has teamed up with H&M to inspire us to recycle our clothes with the new single appropriately titled "Rewear It." M.I.A. is here to slay through music and fashion in order to save the world. The environmentally conscious campaign launches H&M's global initiative World Recycle Week and comes equipped with this song and a set of visuals from the eclectic star. Staying true to her mixed bag of music, including house, pop and hip hop, "Rewear It" is a soundclash consistent with M.I.A.'s style. In the funky visuals, we see dancers in every corner of the globe most likely donning the Swedish brand and doing all types of intricate moves. We also see stunning shots of M.I.A. standing amidst tents made of recycled clothes and making it look simultaneously chic, natural and effortless.

The song and video appeals to the conscious tree hugger in all of us, and it's even better that it's something that we can groove to. You can join H&M and M.I.A. to celebrate World Recycle Week from April 18th-24th and find out more about the campaign over at The campaign hopes to collect 1,000 tons of used clothes from shoppers in their largest sustainability campaign yet, and we hope this song will encourage them do just that. Follow the hashtag #WorldRecycleWeek, and be sure to visit your nearest H&M to recycle your clothes and get a 30% off coupon to use on your next splurge. Try M.I.A.'s "Rewear It" on for size when you watch the video campaign right here.

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