Vivian Green Gives Us That ‘Work’ In ‘Grown Folks Music’


Vivian Green might be known for ballads like "Emotional Rollercoaster" or "Gotta Go Gotta Leave (Tired)," but as of late she's been far more interested in making us move than singing the blues. "Get Right Back To My Baby," the first single from her most recent album Vivid, had us ready to bust out a mean two-step. And then she hit us with funky good time "Grown Folks Music (Work)," perhaps her most dance-able track to date, back in March. Now, Viv is showing us exactly how to move to the track with a Derek Blanks-directed video for the track, and we must say it's pretty hot.

Vivian cuts a rug through the entire clip as she and her background singers change clothes (and hairstyles) and go to the Kwame-produced beat. Derek sets up the colorful clip with Viv and her lovely troupe of dancers looking fierce and vibrant as the singer reminisces on the kind of loving that makes you never want to leave the sheets. Though the dance steps here don't look to be super complicated — the routine is very two-step heavy — the songstress still must be commended. That's because we count at least five costume changes here, and with the clip's constant switch throughout the routine, she and her dancers had to be on point for the director's vision to be realized.

Vivian's "Grown Folks Music" is definitely the kind of work we can get behind. Watch the singer do her thing in the clip below and be sure to get her work by picking up Vivid, which is in stores now.

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