Daisha Shows Us What The ‘Good Life’ Is All About & Drops Her Debut EP


Having spent several years performing as a backup dancer for an impressive list of superstars, Daisha is ready to bask in the spotlight after releasing her debut EP I Am The Daisha over the weekend. The newcomer recently caught our attention (and had us throwback jamming) with a bounce-worthy cover of Inner City's "Good Life." Not wanting to let those good vibes go to waste, she gives her interpretation added flair with a fun visual accompaniment.

As with Daisha's rendition of the song, directors Shane Adams and Shalimar Davis don't try to reinvent the wheel for the video treatment. It's a classic "girls night out" scenario for the singer and her crew, complete with an outfit approval montage, copious views of the city and beautiful people enjoying life. Recalling a time when club-goers were down for "house music all night long," the dancers are tearing up the floor and the fun doesn't stop until well after the sun comes up.

Of the concept, Daisha reveals, "I wanted to share a typical NYC-style type of night...Nothing too polished or scripted or choreographed, just a raw type of feeling. I threw a party at a warehouse in Brooklyn, invited my friends and we shot it." Immerse yourself in her view of the "Good Life" below, then scroll down and keep the party going with a preview and free download of I Am The Daisha. If you really want to see the former backup dancer put in some work, head over to YouTube to see some interesting video clips for EP singles "Skin Out" and "Hiyah (F.O.H.)." Daisha also has some cool projects in the works, so connect with her on Twitter and Instagram to keep up with the latest.

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