Keke Wyatt Covers ‘Diamonds And Pearls’ In Prince’s Memory


April 22nd was supposed to be a day of celebration for R&B fans with the release of Keke Wyatt's new album, Rated Love. Unfortunately, the unthinkable happened the day before when Prince died, and everyone was in mourning (truth be told, we still are) and crying rivers of purple tears at the loss. We still can't fathom that Prince is no longer here in physical form, but his musical legacy will live on for eternity in artists like Wyatt who has decided to release a very special edition of her #KekeCovers series with her rendition of "Diamonds and Pearls."

Once again seated in her studio at the microphone, a copy of Prince's 1999 vinyl album can be seen over her shoulder on the wall. Prince is watching over Keke as she dives into her lower register to sing "Diamonds and Pearls." We knew that she had a range, but she puts it on full blast here in a passionate, emotional display. Halfway through the song, she is overcome with grief and the tears start to flow but she makes it through like a pro. You may not make it through watching this video without a box of Kleenex nearby, however, at this heartfelt homage. All we know is that when there's an all-star Prince tribute, Keke's number needs to be on speed dial.

If you love what you've heard from Keke Wyatt over the course of her #KekeCovers, then be sure to support her original material with a purchase of Rated Love from Amazon, iTunes, Google Play or your music retailer of choice.

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