Bounce Along To Ladi6’s ‘Beffy’ Visuals


Earlier this month, Ladi6 blessed fans when they dropped "Beffy," their first single in three years. The track, an introspective ode to past mistakes and love lost, borrows much of its sound from the industrial, synth-heavy sounds that permeated the '80s. With the release of the single's music video, we see Ladi6 staying true to the '80s homage, with the visuals leaning heavily on the pastel-colored, geometric shapes that also came to define that era.

In it, we see a girl encountering obstacles as she goes about her day, while also showing the repetition that accompanies life. It also shows how, with a great partner/friend in tow, all of those obstacles fall by the wayside. With animation provided by the Parallel Teeth firm, the video perfectly accentuates the mechanical, bouncy feel of the track. We're still waiting on word of a release date for this as-yet-untitled EP, but we're grateful to have our friends from down under back in the mix.

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