MNEK Gets Restless In ‘At Night (I Think About You)’


After what seemed like forever, MNEK finally blessed us with a new single in the form of "At Night (I Think About You)" in the middle of last month. The track was right up our alley as it featured MNEK doing what he does best: lamenting about love to the tune of a club- and dance floor-ready beat. And since we've become accustomed to his songs having quirky, creative videos accompanying them, we're more than happy to final have the visual for the song, which premiered today.

The clip opens at the ungodly hour of 3:04 a.m. as our poor MNEK tosses and turns in bed while staying at a seedy motel. The camera then pans to show us other motel dwellers in their varied night clothes who all seem to have the same problem. However, instead of singing their problems away like MNEK, these motel guests are more content to dance away their blues as the while away the late night/early morning hours. Lucky for them, MNEK's heartbreak is set to a kinetic beat aimed squarely at making folks move.

"For me, it was to make sure a mix of people from different walks of life were showcased going through the different stages of [insomnia]," the singer told FADER about the clip. "The restlessness, the frustration — the overthinking too! Patrick Killingbeck directed it and he and his team really brought it on home."

We definitely have to agree on that one, MNEK. Check out what goes on during one of his sleepless nights by pressing play below.

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