Yuna Shows Us Heartbreak In Reverse In ‘Lanes’


You've already picked up Yuna's latest album Chapters right? If you haven't, you're definitely missing out on one of the best releases of this year, as evidenced by her singles "Places To Go," Usher duet "Crush" and "Lanes." She's also given us some amazing videos from the project thus far, and she continues that tradition for the stylish and dramatic video for the heartbreak ballad "Lanes."

The clip opens with a teary-eyed Yuna sitting on a couch as she appears to tear a picture into pieces. The viewer soon realizes, however, that she isn't tearing it apart as much as she's piecing it together. That's because the video is actually presented in reverse, with the aftermath coming before the inciting incident. As the song plays on and Yuna sings of a love that just doesn't seem to feel real, we see Yuna blow up at her lover as we count back to what exactly transpired to warrant such a reaction. The tension felt in the visual is an interesting counterpoint to the resigned feel of the song, as Yuna is animated and emotional throughout the video and seems to have already decided the relationship's fate in the song's lyrics. All in all, it's a very enthralling watch.

Check out the emotional roller coaster of "Lanes" below and be sure to pick up your copy of Chapters, which is in stores now.

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