Carolyn Malachi Isn’t Just ‘Blowing Smoke’


There's an old saying that goes, "I can show you better than I can tell you." That seems to be Carolyn Malachi's mantra in her latest video for the single "Blowing Smoke." In the song, which we premiered here back in April, she talks about running the rat race and going through the motions until finally deciding that enough is enough. "I been living a double life; plantation days, paparazzi nights," she sings as we see glimpses of her at her real estate job.

Watching her go through the minutiae of day-to-day life could otherwise be disheartening, but as the video progresses, the mood changes as we see her transition to what looks like a family party complete with dancing, a little vape action (blowing smoke, literally) and just all-around good vibes. By the time she declares, I'm gonna be where my time is appreciated," things are downright triumphant, challenging you to find joy within yourself even when outside factors may try to steal it from you.

"Blowing Smoke" is taken from Malachi's latest EP, RISE Chapter 1: Where You Are, which dropped just a few days ago. You can take it for a spin on Spotify before heading to iTunes, Amazon or Google Play to add it to your permanent collection.



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