DAWN Gives ‘Not Above That’ A New Feel


We warned you she was in beast mode. We cautioned you against sleeping on her relentless drive. We gave you ample opportunity to get prepared for her takeover. We hope you took heed, because D∆WN is back with yet another version of her music video for the single, “Not Above That.” This is one chick who’s not letting up!

Last month, she dropped a 3D version of the music video for the same single that she produced with start-up production company VR Playhouse. Prior to that, there was a lyric video with dope 3D effects. For the third treatment for the single, the artist formerly known as Dawn Richard is giving it to us up close and personal in its 2D companion video shot by director Monty Marsh.

In this 2D release, D∆WN is as creative as ever, opting to give birth to several whimsical characters in the clip. It opens with an in-studio performance with the singer looking like an intergalactic goddess dressed in high fashion “space apparel.” The visual cutaways seem to heighten the emotion of the song lyrics and accentuate the song’s production. The appearance of her band and the studio environment lend themselves to a theme of creation as viewers are presumably getting a peek into the song’s origins. Next, we are transported to a cosmic dance floor where D∆WN treats us and fellow android onlookers to a powerhouse dance break. In the next series of cutaways it seems D∆WN has become an android-like version of herself. To close the clip, D∆WN fantastically embraces the avant-garde side of beauty as she delivers her performance art with a look that gives her the appearance of being made of stardust. Clearly, she’s not above that!

What appears to be woven into each of the three clips is the club atmosphere and celebratory vibe. Given the EDM/dance/techno influenced production of the track, we think this is a clever tie-in. In a recent NPR interview, in light of the recent tragedy in Orlando D∆WN gave insight into this video’s poignant relationship with dance as a whole: "It's being unapologetic about the dance, [it] is a blatant stance in celebrating who you are. Even before Orlando, I stated The Red Era would be about dancing in the beauty of self, that whatever or whoever you are, be proud of it — that this would be our redemption. To go into this era hands up and heads high."

While we’re still waiting on a release date for the new album, RED*emp*tion, you can grab “Not Above That” on iTunes now and check out the third installment of the video below.

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