SG Lewis Relives The Glory Days Of ATL’s Cascade Skating Rink In ‘Holding Back’


There was a time in America where skating rinks were the places to be on a Saturday night. In Atlanta, the rink to go to was Cascade, which went on to become the inspiration for the 2006 box office hit ATL. The skating rink also serves as the inspiration for the clip for producer SG Lewis' latest single "Holding Back."

The cut, which features rising star Gallant on vocals, would've been the perfect roller rink staple had it been released back in the day, and its electronic-meets-soul sound provides the perfect backdrop for the video as we're taken inside the legendary rink. We see a slight love story play out between two young lovers in the visuals, but that's not the main focus here. Instead, the culture and history is the main narrative, with members of skate crews getting a chance to speak about what the venue and skating meant to them. We're also treated to some fancy footwork and stunts on skates that will make your jaws drop — from choreographed moves to splits and a few other tricks. But the main draw is the rink itself, which seems to take on a neon-lit life of its own.

"Holding Back" is the latest single lifted from SG's upcoming Yours EP, which will most certainly be getting some serious burn upon its release. Check out the video below.

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