Bounce-Worthy: Sugg Savage


Sugg Savage originally started making music with her fellow Catholic school dissident, Sloane Ameli aka Irie X, as part of the underground DMV female rap group Akoko, whose name means "little noisemakers." The duo laid down flows reminiscent of old school ‘90s hip-hop. Since trading the suburban streets of Fort Washington, Maryland for the sun and fun of Los Angeles, Sugg’s sound has evolved from hard East Coast beats into more psychedelic electro-soul and carefree compositions.

However, when push comes to shove, Sugg can still lay down a hot 16. On the subdued “Let’z,” the mistress of ceremonies does her thing over a tranquil groove courtesy of producer Hymn. Ms. Savage switches between a fast-paced sing-song flow and hard lyrics. “Ducking the demons, ducking the faux's / They gon' run with the heathens, fly with the crows / Peeping the lows, reaping the sows / Don't stoke the flame, you gon' burn your name,” she spits on "Let'z" with a wicked flow reminiscent of a female Andre 3000. Her shouts of "Alright! Alright! Alright!" throughout the track only add fuel to that comparison.

Of course, Sugg is still always down to party and bulls**t, as heard on her latest release “Party Dawg,” a laid-back track with lyrics akin to the fun, airy vibe of throwback hip-hop jams, encouraging everyone to let go and let have in the name of having a good time.

While Sugg might humbly describe herself as a singer, rapper and a guitarist, her actual art defies this description. Sugg Savage is an experience. She is the experience that every club hopper has when it’s 3:30 am, you’ve sweated out your weave or you’ve lost your shirt and all your f**ks, and you aren’t sure where you end and the rest of the room begins, lost in the music and maybe a bit of the sauce -- or whatever your preference.

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