Jacque Hammond Steps Out Of The ‘Shadows’ & Onto Our Screen


We've been following Jacque Hammond for some time now (both as a solo artist and as half of the duo Black Fantastic, formerly known as Martin Parks) and she has yet to disappoint with her musical output. Over the years the artist has revealed many sides of herself through her poetic lyrics and her collaborations (shout out to SoulBounce fam Rob Milton), but it's a rarity to see her Bounce-Worthy persona come to life on film. Thankfully, she recently shared "Shadows," the very first music video from her brilliant debut LP Elbow Room, which was released back in February.

Written by Ms. Hammond, the song itself (which follows previous tracks "Two" and "The Middle") is about a troubled relationship and absent lover. "I'm done chasing shadows," she thoughtfully declares. Her melodic alto, understated yet stunning, is beautifully underscored by sublime guitar strains played with her own hands. Matching the tone of the song, director Sean Robertson opts for a minimalist approach to the visuals, which are shot in black-and-white against a mountainous desert backdrop. Alternating close-ups of Jacque's tribal-painted visage and the graceful movements of dancer Sadie Yarrington are captivating and allow the lyrics to penetrate even deeper. "Do you wanna be known or would you rather be a shadow?"

Watch Jacque Hammond's "Shadows" below, then do yourself a favor and head over to Bandcamp to purchase your copy of Elbow Room. While we certainly hope this isn't the last time we see Jacque on screen, it doesn't compare to seeing her perform live. Be sure to visit her website, and follow her on Twitter and Instagram for upcoming concert dates.

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