Jamie Lidell Taps BASECAMP To Put A Little More Pep Into His ‘Walk’

Photo Credit: Nicole Nodland

Photo Credit: Nicole Nodland

Jamie Lidell marked his return to the music scene when he dropped "Walk Right Back," the lead single for his upcoming album Building A Beginning, last month. The single marks a return to form for the soulful Brit, who now calls Nashville home. Speaking of Nashville, when it came time to remix the single, Jamie turned it over to Nashville-based electronic trio BASECAMP so that they could work their magic — and they do not disappoint.

Taking the original's easygoing shuffle and shifting it just so, they infuse the song with a slight tropical house feel for the first verse. But then, once the chorus drops in, all bets are off as they punch up the groove with synth stabs and a drums that lead you straight to the dance floor to work up a sweat. Seeing as Jamie is no stranger to incorporating electronic influences into his own work, the new arrangement doesn't deter from his heartfelt vocal, even when the producers distort it when it suits the remix. Seeing as the two parties are essentially neighbors (though Jamie does have a tendency to spend his time travelling the world) we hope that this won't be the last of their collaborations.

You can listen to what a musical meeting between BASECAMP and Jamie Lidell sounds like below. Building A Beginning is available for pre-order now and will release on October 14th.

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