Sampha Runs For His Life In ‘Blood On Me’


British alt-soul artist Sampha recently dropped "Blood on Me," the second single from his forthcoming debut release, Process, and it's now received an engrossing visual treatment. The artistic clip directed by Alex Lill opens with a wide shot of black smoke billowing from a tree set against the dark blue sky. The scene then cuts to Sampha laid out on his back in a wheat field. He appears lifeless until he starts singing about the people who are coming for him.

As the paranoia of the lyrics sets in, Sampha is next seen running through the fields and around the circumference of a race course, where he's chased by greyhounds. He eventually stumbles and falls on both the track and in the field. We next discover that there is actually a wrecked car that's stuck in the tree and Sampha is inside. The tree's branches wind around him and envelope his body in foliage before the vehicle drops out of the tree and comes crashing to the ground.

The visuals for "Blood on Me" are a fitting illustration of the feelings that Sampha has written about in the song -- the struggle to move away from negative perceptions and the ability of those same perceptions to gain control of your actions. They may be coming for you, but keep running.

Since Sampha first started releasing music three years ago, he has gone from strength to strength lyrically and musically. We're looking forward to seeing what else he has to jar our senses on Process. Until we get word of a release date for the album, we'll keep the singles we've heard thus far and now this video on repeat.

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