Chance The Rapper Breaks Us Off With A Soulful & Funny New Kit Kat Commercial


It's safe to say that Chance The Rapper is definitely on the come up. He's shot to the top of the charts without any of the trappings of those pesky record deals and now he's breaking all the rules by landing endorsement deals with recognizable national brands, and now he's the latest to as us to break us off a piece of that Kit Kat (and not in the freak-nasty Hi-Five way, either). The Chi-Town rapper stars in the a Halloween-themed spot for the candy bar and even gets a chance (get it?) to reimagine the brand's classic jingle.

It starts with Chance, who's dressed as a bear or bandicoot or gerbil or something, walking down the candy aisle of his local store with his fam. That's when his attention is grabbed by a whispering Kit Kat bar calling his name. It turns out that it's "Chance The Wrapper" (wink, wink, nudge, nudge) and he's got something to sing. The wrapper breaks out into a soulful, gospel-influenced take on the Kit Kat jingle complete with piano accompaniment. While Chance the actual rapper is impressed, his lady friend seems a little incredulous — to which Chance deadpans, "That's a good song."

As weird as the commercial is (and let's be serious, candy commercials are quite strange these days), it's still manages to be lighthearted and fun, which is all you can ask for. Check out Chance's Kit Kat spot below and, if you want to see him more in his element, peep him performing "Blessings (Reprise)" on The Tonight Show.

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