Corinne Bailey Rae Takes Us Through An Emotional Circus In ‘Hey, I Won’t Break Your Heart’


Corinne Bailey Rae surely hasn't been skimpy with the videos form her latest project, The Heart Speaks In Whispers. Every single this far, including "Been To The Moon," "Stop Where You Are," "Green Aphrodisiac" and most recently "The Skies Will Break." While each of those videos were breathtakingly beautiful and highly artistic, it seems she's saved her most arresting visual for her heartfelt single "Hey, I Won't Break Your Heart."

In the clip, directed by James Frost, we're taken to a circus whose tagline could perhaps be "The Most Somber Show on Earth." That's mainly because, despite the setting, not a single performer here cracks a smile. They do, however, strike fierce poses in vintage couture outfits. Of course, Corinne plays both ringmaster and head performer in this setup, her eyes smoldering as she stares convincingly into the camera like it's a long lost lover returning to her embrace. She also delivers many stunning editorial looks, including that of a black-and-white diamond covered harlequin, a nimble acrobat draped in shimmering aqua-colored fabric an a sad clown bathed in black light — with each look better than the last. Despite the mood of the clip, though, there is a slight happiness to it (mainly conveyed when Corinne breaks into a smile near the clip's end) and it is quite a joy to watch.

You can watch the stunningly gorgeous and melancholy clip below. The Heart Speaks In Whispers is in stores now.

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