Elysse’s Debut Is The ‘Eve’ Of Seduction

Photo Credit: Ruoyi Jiang

Photo Credit: Ruoyi Jiang

With a hazy, cinematic approach, Brooklyn-based singer/songwriter Elysse’s debut single “Eve” slinks along with smart, sexy, smooth seduction.

A child prodigy (entering Princeton at 15), Elysse bounced around the New York music scene after her time as a graduate student at NYU, dipping her toes in the pools of psychedelic Salsa, jazz, progressive folk and alt-rock. This array of musicality, coupled with her literary bent, inform “Eve”’s sonic sensibilities.

“Eve” is captivating in its subtle attention to detail. This is a song crafted thoughtfully, but without the coldness of a purely intellectual exercise. There is a warmth to the sound and a soul to the track’s progression. Elysse's choice in musicians -- ranging from Rahm Silverglade (who's worked with Kiah Victoria), to Vishal Nayak, to GRAMMY winner Mitch Friedman -- is top-notch, providing a dark, textured backdrop to her restrained vocal approach.

Elysse herself most readily recalls Jill Scott, or better yet KING with slightly better chops, sipping at the waters of jazz and quiet storm soul, with a vulnerability that suits the lyrical arc of passion, lust, loss and regret.

Clocking in at a relatively long 5:30, “Eve” is not a song to quickly drink down, expecting immediate gratification. It’s best suited for contemplative consumption, lights low, wine at the ready.

Elysse's debut EP is due spring 2017. Until then, you can find her on her official website, Facebook, YouTube and Instagram.

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