Joe Pops Up Anywhere & Everywhere In ‘#MYNAMEISJOETHOMAS’ Album Trailers


R&B soul brotha Joe is readying his new album, #MYNAMEISJOETHOMAS, for release on Friday, November 11th. In the lead up to that day, Joe's been dropping new music and videos and now he's added some promotional trailers into the mix.

So far Joe has posted two trailers, one set in a gym and another set on a city street. In the #MYNAMEISJOETHOMAS gym trailer, we see a woman trying to achieve her #FitnessGoals on a stationary cycle. She naturally needs a soundtrack to her workout, and she pops in her earbuds to crank that new Joe. As his melodies play, lo and behold who walks up to stand in front of her but Joe himself. In the second scenario, a curly girl is going about her business walking down the street listening to Joe's "So I Can Have You Back" on her iPhone. She's lost in the music, eyes closed and singing along to her jam when she bumps into a passing stranger who's no stranger at all. It's Joe!

So you mean to tell us that if we simply listen to #MYNAMEISJOETHOMAS wherever we are that Joe will just randomly pop? Well let us pre-order this album now so that we can be ready for an impromptu Joe meetup. You, too, can pre-order #MYNAMEISJOETHOMAS via Amazon, iTunes and Google Play after you watch these trailers, that is.

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