Maimouna Youssef Undergoes A ‘Metamorphosis’

maimouna-youssef-metamorphosis-cover-artSince her 2011 debut, Maimouna Youssef has impressed us with her ability to seamlessly flip from soulful, jazz-influenced vocalist to knowledge-dropping rhyme-spitter (and occasional comedienne) Mumu Fresh. But one thing she's never wavered on is her mission to promote self-love, uplift our communities and empower the oppressed. Whether speaking out against police brutality, standing in solidarity with Dakota Access Pipeline protesters or taking time to mentor our youth, her natural character is just as remarkable as her stage persona. And when both worlds collide, the end result is always worth a listen.

Her latest single "Metamorphosis" floats somewhere between her personal and musical realms. Lyrically-speaking, the mid-tempo tune is an anthem of sorts, inspiring us to keep moving forward when naysayers and negative circumstances threaten to hold us back. "You are in the middle of becoming more than this, Metamorphosis / You may have to walk alone / Remember there’s power in the One / You're gonna get through this / You're stronger than you know," Maimouna sings and encourages with her lyrics.

Maimouna fluidly rap-sings through layered harmonies, wavy synth and fuzzy percussion on the chilled track. Melodic tribal chants, almost hypnotic in nature, have a calming effect and infuse the song with a soul-soothing warmth and life-affirming vibes. Listen to "Metamorphosis" below and prepare to be enlightened. Afterward, check out her equally impressive a cappella track "Panoramic" and head to Bandcamp to purchase both songs. Mumu recently teased that she's working on a new album with DJ Dummy that "is going to be amazing!" so be sure to visit her website and follow her on social media for updates.

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